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Support Communities—with Books

Combat false narratives about communties by diversifying the book collections in our schools & libraries.

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Support Rapid Response Book Boxes

Children’s books about New Arrival and New Americans can provide supportive and true narratives when hurtful and false narratives about immigrants and first-third generation Americans arise.

I'm Your Neighbor Books helps communities communities facing false and harmful narratives with Rapid Response Book Boxes.

For example:

When the Asian American community faced hateful words and acts, we mailed over 400+ books celebrating the diversity, complexity, and joy of Asian American girlhood to 50+ schools and libraries.

When a New Jersey town was divided in a debate about the hijab, we sent schools and libraries positive, beautiful books about our Muslim communities.

When public officials questioned the trustworthiness of Afghan refugees, we mailed a novel about a town that welcomed an Afghan family to 100 schools and libraries.

Reading books set in our New Arrival and New American communities allows readers from outside those communities to meet their neighbors on the page. Hate does not thrive when a reader's empathy is engaged.

Readers from inside our New Arrival and New American communities feel more connected when they see their lives reflected on the page. Being seen goes a long way to creating the resiliency that allows a family or student to weather the storms of each news cycle and school day.

Your contribution can change the narrative about who belongs in this Diverse America.

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