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Combat Bias & Build Belonging—with Books.

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I'm Your Neighbor Books
Combats Bias & Builds Belonging

Why with Children's Books?

When Long-term Americans read about Immigrants and their New Generations, they build cultural competency and abandon harmful stereotypes.

When Immigrants and their New Generations see their communities represented in books, they build a resilience, pride, and a sense of belonging that buffers them against everyday bias.

How Do We Make This Happen?

Welcoming Library
Whether our award-winning 30-book collection is visiting a school for free or we are installing a 200-book collection in a public library, our Welcoming Libraries are changing the conversation on immigration by providing access to celebrated children's books about Immigrant and New Generation families. Read More.

Books for Refugee Children
Arriving in America carries joy and anticipation, but also the trauma of removal from family, culture, and country. With so little reminding them of that home, I'm Your Neighbor Books provides books to Maine refugee children that feature stories of the marketplaces and mountains of home and stories about the arrival of other children like themselves. Books can be a home when home is lost (and rebuilt).

Rapid Response Book Boxes
Books can provide support when bias strikes. For example, when an anti-immigrant hate group marched in a park frequented by Somali American families, I'm Your Neighbor Books provided books celebrating Somalis to those families. Read More.

And More...
By collecting and sharing this emerging multicultural and multiracial genre of books in our programming with Long-term, Immigrant, and New Generation Americans nationwide, I'm Your Neighbor Books is telling a new story about this nation.