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Help Fund Another Decade of Welcoming & Belonging

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Help Fund Another Decade of Welcoming & Belonging

“Someday we will become something we haven't even yet imagined.”
― Yuyi Morales,

Books combat bias. Every time I'm Your Neighbor Books adds a diverse children's book to a classroom or starts a conversation on the cultural content of those stories, we come closer to being a welcoming nation, one "we haven't yet even imagined."

Books create belonging. Seeing your community represented in classrooms, libraries, and other public spaces, can be transformative for an immigrant or a new generation American. Can you imagine a nation where each of us belong?

We're Celebrating Our 10th Birthday!

For our first 5 years, we worked as volunteers to quietly catalog what we imagined was a new emerging cultural genre—New Arrival and New Generation children's literature.

For our second 5 years, we were driven to act and expand our work by the 2017 Muslim Ban and other racist aggression towards immigrants. I'm Your Neighbor Books imagined new ways to engage readers in conversations about immigration, welcoming, and belonging including:

* Welcoming Library: Touring collections of acclaimed picture books, each featuring modern migration and new generation Americans. With embedded conversations, these books are changing how we think about community.

* Welcoming Genre: Assisting schools, libraries, and community centers to curate, install, and highlight 200-400 book collections of New Arrival and New Generation child's literature.

* Rapid Response Book Boxes: Supporting New Arrival/New Generation communities when they are disparaged with falsehoods and other aggression. We counter those false narratives with collections of books that celebrate the truths of community.

* Book Awards: Lifting the voices of New Arrival and New Generation books and their creators with five book awards.

...and more!

What can you and I'm Your Neighbor Books imagine for the next decade?

Can you celebrate our 10th Birthday with a donation of $10 (or any multiple of 10)?

Image: Jamie Hogan