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With Children's Literature

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I'm Your Neighbor Books (501c3) builds welcoming communities for New Arrivals and New Americans—using children's literature.

What happens when we read and share immigration literature?

  • Long-Term Citizens develop empathy, cultural competency, and a willingness to welcome.
  • Immigrants — 3rd Generation Americans develop a crucial sense of belonging in our schools and communities.

It is this culture of welcoming and belonging that our outreach creates.

Why children's books?

Children's books are accessible to people of all ages and most English language abilities. The artwork in many children's book increases that reading accessibility as well as increasing the intimacy of "meeting someone on the page."

Your contributions help us...

  • Put Welcoming Libraries on the road to help people of all ages and backgrounds have conversations on immigration, welcoming, and belonging.
  • Highlight the stories of New Arrival / New American families so schools, libraries, community groups, and readers can read and deeply connect with their communities.
  • Gift Books to library collections, community groups, and New Arrival children.

Thank you for giving generously to I'm Your Neighbor Books.