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Welcome Afghan Refugees to Our Schools

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Books Change False Narratives

The false narratives about Afghan refugees have already begun. Afghans who kept Americans safe for the last 20 years are facing questions about their right to be in America and utterly unfounded accusations of terrorism.

These are the false narratives that allow hate and discrimination to spark.

I'm Your Neighbor Books puts new narratives into the hands of American educators, librarians, parents, readers, and citizens.

Reading books set in our New Arrival and New American communities reduces prejudice by allowing us to meet neighbors on the page. Hate does not thrive when a reader's empathy is engaged.

I'm Your Neighbor Books is gifting Afghan American children's novels to schools across the country to combat anti-immigrant sentiment and build more welcoming communities.

Farrar Straus Giroux, an imprint of Macmillan Children's Publishing, has already pledged their novel A Galaxy of Sea Stars for 50 schools — a donation worth $900.

Can you help us match or exceed this publisher donation? Can you help us reach more than 50 schools?

Afghan refugees need so much now. Here are other ways you can help with their immediate and long-term needs.

If you would like an Afghan / Afghan American children's books of your own, consider purchasing them to support I'm Your Neighbor Books here.

Images © Doug Chayka from FOUR FEET, TWO SANDALS