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Help Us Lend Welcoming Libraries Nationally

Match the $15,000 Gift from Phillip Hoose

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Make the Welcoming Library Free & National

The presence of the Welcoming Library is transformative.

Immigrant parents say they “feel like they belong in this country for the first time” when they see themselves depicted in the featured books.

Teachers who have only ever taught White immigration through Ellis Island, suddenly can teach about immigration from Haiti, China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and other nations.

Readers are holding fundraisers to welcome new neighbors and readers are sharing with classmates how the character on the page shares their race, culture, or story.

National Book Award-winning author Phillip Hoose has just made a $15,000 matching gift to expand the Welcoming Library.

Currently, Welcoming Libraries circulate in 30 hubs. These hubs are school or library districts that can afford to purchase a Welcoming Library to circulate free to their local members.

Phillip Hoose wants to remove that financial barrier. With his help and yours, I’m Your Neighbor Books will be able to offer a free 4-6 week loan of a Welcoming Library to any interested US school or library.

Diverse children's books are being banned across the country.

Your gift will broaden access to crucial books —books that create a sense of belonging for New Arrival and New American families. Books that give long-term Americans the empathy-building stories to inspire welcoming behaviors.

Diverse books represent America and their presence will remake America.