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Transform the Conversation on Immigration

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Put a Welcoming Library On Tour

Welcoming Libraries are traveling collections of picture books set in our New Arrival and New American communities. Each book and library comes with an array of accessible discussion materials.

These collections visit public libraries, schools, community groups, and faith communities for 4-6 weeks. At each location, adults and children are invited to "meet" immigrant families within the pages of the books and are guided through conversations about immigration, welcoming, and belonging.

100% of the Welcoming Library readers surveyed indicated a positive response to immigration.

Each book in a donated Welcoming Library can feature a logo and/or dedication.

You can support a...

Regional Welcoming Library
that is hosted by a school, library, or community group and tours within a specific region. This Welcoming Library is administered locally and designed to make an impact on the immigration conversation in a given geographic or cultural area. Do you need to have a region in mind? No. We have regions that are ready and eager for a Welcoming Library!


National Welcoming Library that is hosted and administered by I'm Your Neighbor Books. This Welcoming Library is made available to any school, library, or community group nationwide that wants to start a conversation on immigration. These Welcoming Libraries often lead to regional purchases of the Welcoming Library and broad expansion of immigrant book collections and conversations.